Astronomic gastronomics – L’Oranger

One has returned to the old country and is glad to be here with brolly fully prepped. A glorious meal was had last night with one’s most entertaining chums. We ate, drank and generally made merry with a price tag to rival a Fabergé egg at auction. L’Oranger in olde St. James’s Street serves excellent fare of the highest order and must be commended. There is no sawdust on the floor, no chickens running about and none of the clientèle voided their rheum on the carpet unlike McSpigget’s Tavern (dear Lord!). It was close to heaven dear readers.

A delicious starter of cold foie gras and to one’s surprise hot foie gras came atop the beef main course. Both were excellent and were followed by a cheese trolley selection to rival Monsieur Marcel’s fromagerie. The selection had the classic aroma of the socks of an old tramp…divine. One selected nearly every cheese from the trolley including an excellent St. Maure and the pungent Epoisse. Desserts were a feast to the eyes and a feast for one’s chums.

Pol Roger champagne started us on our merry way, followed by wine provisioned by two of our party McWeedle and Le Vicomte who cunningly were in attendance. No ordinary wine was this dear readers for these chums are oenophiles of the very highest order! So hurrah!

In particular, we imbibed a fine Chateau Coutet 2005, a classic old  St Emilion which your doctor rates highly! See “the doctor’s tipple” for more about this excellent potation selected by Le Vicomte.

This is highly recommended but please dear readers, do bring an inflammable line of credit with one as the gastronomics are verging on the astronomic.

5 St James’s Street,

Tel: 020 7839 3774


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