Steak on Air Street

One stumbled on a most interesting piece of information that on Mondays Hawksmoor restaurants charge just £5 corkage if one brings one’s own bottle. Hurrah that presents an excellent opportunity to plunder one’s wine cellar and enjoy a first class steak. One’s avid followers may remember that your Doctor has visited Hawksmoor in Seven Dials, London and was most impressed.

Now one had the good fortune to venture to the latest Hawksmoor in Air Street, just off Piccadilly clutching a bottle of Pol Roger 2002 and a Errazuriz Don Maximiano 2007.

One always receives a friendly welcome at the Hawksmoor restaurants and this is not just because the Doctor was visiting. Fortescue turned up with the Pol Roger and Carrington Fassbender brought a mind numbing 15% Amarone! Gadzooks, what is happening in the world of wine? This is the same level of alcohol that one would find in a Manzanilla or a fino sherry. Are we all going to end up drinking our wine from Sherry schooners?

One must say that this Hawskmoor is a surprise. One arrives upstairs to the dark wood cocktail bar and it would appear that the restaurant continues for an eternity. One is convinced that there is a mirror at the back. BUT NO! The restaurant continues on and on!

We dined on excellent steaks which went well with the Amarone and the Don Max. The usual accompaniments of creamed spinach and tasty chips was just right. One must concede that this is just a glorified imitation of an American steak house but they do it rather spiffingly well. Now has one tried their cocktails?

Air Street
Tel: 020 7406 3980

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