One had not seen Hugh Groper for quite some time and his name may be news to one’s regular readers. He is a very good chum whose gastronomic exploits are equal to that of your dear Doctor, as attested by the size of his stomach. The entourage assembled at Zizzi in Victoria. Dalrymple was in tow and unsurprisingly, the ever hungry Fortescue.

Now dear readers, we were not here to reach dizzying gastronomic heights and one’s review will be marked by its brevity. Zizzi is a commendable, cheap eatery chain which offers exactly what one would expect. We selected the threes course from the special menu which brought a selection of meat, olives and garlic bread. The latter was not good, thin and tasteless. One ate pizza Diavola, a fiery little number washed down with a large Peroni beer. One’s chums ate Mushroom risotto, mushroom pizza and lasagne. We all had desserts, ice cream for your dear Doctor! Naturally. All for a reasonable £16.95 for three courses.


Italian restaurant Chain – UK wide.

Categories: A tout le monde, Budget (£)

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