The USA strikes back – Felidia’s 8/10

One’s avid readers will know that your dear Doctor has not been enamoured of America’s restaurants. One’s previous blog on the subject was well received well by most although there were a few dissenters one understands. Lest one did not read it, it is here. One visits Fort Lauderdale often and has a few recommendations, but the majority of restaurants are not worthy of note. Should you be visiting Fort Lauderdale then here are a few recommendations to steer you around the detritis.

Now, one cannot treat the great Metropolis of New York in the same way as Fort Lauderdale. The eclectic mix of cuisines delivers some wonderful surprises and if one wants Italian, the choice is overwhelming and varied. One would like to share with  you some of those that your Doctor has chanced upon in the next few blogs. Firstly Felidia’s.

One is given to understand that Lidia Bastianich, the owner is a major television personality in America and that Felidia’s is highly regarded. The negroni cocktail here is said to be the best in New York. One tried it and the jury is out. One know the secret which was shared by the barman but which one cannot divulge.

On entering, there is a wonderful old world charm and a welcoming cocktail bar greets one. Perfect! White table cloths and classy older diners make one feel that this is a special place. One really should try and eat downstairs although we went upstairs as we had not made a reservation. The menu is modern italian and the menu offers some very, very enticing dishes.

Fortescue was celebrating one of his many birthdays and one ordered the wagyu beef carpaccio, beef sirloin tartare to start which sounded scrummy. This was to be followed by Quail cooked four ways.

One was halfway through one’s starter which was a delight to behold on the plate, it might have been a painting. It was also delicious and one was heartily tucking in when the waiter ran over and declared “I am terribly sorry sir we have served the wrong dish” One looked down at the shaved raw tuna, salmon, branzino, vegetables, puffed rice on one’s plate. If it was a mistake then it was a happy one. You see dear reader, if you had been paying attention then you would have realised that this should have been the wagyu beef!! romptly the beef carpaccio arrived but the tuna was also left. What a treat! Two starters, both delicious for the price of one. Hurrah! Fortescue had lobster seafood broth and followed this with a vitello, veal tenderloin. Of course dear readers, it was eaten with relish but then that is Fortescue for you. He loves his food.

The quail was delicious, breast, leg etc. all divine and we shared a very tasty cheese platter. Without continuing further the food was excellent and it was washed down with some fine wine from their tremendous and quite extensive wine list. Of course, one chose Italian wine!  Felidia’s is not going into one’s top ten but is well worth a visit. One should  bear in mind that this is not a cheap restaurant. Alas.

243 East 58th Street
New York, NY 10022

Tel: 212.758.1479

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