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Dear readers, this is difficult. A confession. After which one may question your Doctor’s fine taste. Judge me as you wish. One has been to the opera. Sadly, not the Royal Opera House, nay not not even the ENO but an eatery festooned with twirling, opera singing waiters and waitresses. One can hear already your gasps of disappointment, no doubt you are bemoaning such lowering of standards. Surely such a cheap shot at a themed restaurant is a travesty, demeaning both to opera and food?

Well “No!” I say. Harrumph! It is a delight!

Bel Canto‘s young aspiring singers glide between tables singing beautiful duets, arias or comic pieces.  All are very accomplished and then they are serving at your table. One was chatting to one’s waitress when she rushed off to perform the Queen of the night’s aria from the Magic Flute. Rather well done it was too! Can one imagine those dreary staff at McSpigget’s entertaining one in this manner? The atmosphere that this creates is wonderful.

It is heartening and very entertaining to see young talent given the opportunity to hone their skills whilst diners are entreated to beautiful singing. Admittedly, it is slightly “Classic FM”, chocolate box opera but nevertheless it makes for a super, fun evening of entertainment. No less so for the grand finale where everyone joins in whilst swinging their glasses of prosecco. So, one suggests you put away your airs and graces and join the throng.

Ah yes! The food. Ceaser salad, fillet steak, fruit salad. All reasonably well done. The Ceaser salad was elegantly presented (see daguerreotype) but nakedly lacking in dressing. Yet, one is not necessarily here for fine food. The chunky chips were scrumptious. The set menu deal was £29 per head and one pays an additional £15 for the performers). However, one can hunt down deals which are more attractive. Note, that some dishes attract a supplement e.g. the steak was an extra £5.75. Here is the menu

One would not rush to return as it might be somewhat repetitive but it is well worth one’s attendance from time to time. One can also visit their restaurant in Paris. Ooh La la!

Bel Canto
Corus Hotel Hyde Park
1 Lancaster gate
W2 3LG

Tel: +44 (0)20 7262 1678

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  1. Too many lunches and food will just become food rather than special occasions. Try lunch without the booze and see the effect these restaurants have on the taste buds and the inner gourmet in you…

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