Something fishy going on

One remembers a darker time, when brigands, thieves and robbers roamed the streets of olde London towne. One feared for one’s wallet and possibly one’s life. Now, fortunately, Wandsworth is much safer and your Doctor fearlessly ventured across Wandsworth bridge to dine at Brady’s fish and chip emporium. One must confess, this was not one’s first visit. The Doctor and chums are as well known here as at McSpigget’s Tavern and it is indeed a favourite venue for a casual meal.

“Fish and chips?” Now dear readers before I hear you shout…”standards dear boy!!!” Fear not. Your Doctor has not taken leave of his senses. This is an establishment that has delighted its customers for many years, providing quality fare at a reasonable price. It is a local restaurant for local people, overseen by the ever-friendly Luke (pictured with his pet fish). One hopes no offence will be taken at one showing this daguerreotype. One has purloined it from the website. Readers, be clear that this is not a fish and chip shop, this is a fish and chip restaurant with an eye to quality and wonderfully fresh fish.

A warm and friendly welcome awaited Doctor and chums, referred to collectively by Luke as “the white winers”, the reason being self-evident. Harrumph! The establishment is small and welcoming. One usually attends with one’s chums on a Friday evening and it is quite rumbustious with lots of lively chat. Booking’s aren’t taken, one simply stands in line until a table becomes free. Fortunately there is rarely a long wait and for us, the white wine flows whilst we stand in line.

Starters include a half pint of prawns (usually very fresh and very tasty), mackerel paté, rollmop herrings and anchovies or even cockles should one be so bold. Fortescue chose prawns, he ALWAYS chooses prawns. Mackerel paté was one’s own choice. The other usual suspects chose roll-mops with anchovies and Luke landed our first bottle of wine on the table. White of course. As if one would ever have red with fish, dear oh dear…

Despite the offer of fresh fish on the menu, our main courses were predictable. Large cod or haddock in batter with chips, with shared sides of mushy peas and gherkins. All the staples of a slap-up fish and chip meal. One was delighted with the freshness of one’s cod and sounds of approval (no really please…not that kind of sound. bah!) came from around the table from one’s chums. Fortescue grunted his approval despite, as you know dear readers, his penchant for steak and lamb chops. No desserts, we rarely do desserts and here, one is usually sated before the choice becomes an option.

White wine flowed, good humour filled the air and when the bill arrived, all was well with the world. We chugged down our last drops of white wine and were ready to leave. This is a establishment where one departs feeling that one has dined well and paid a fair price. However, one should not take your Doctor’s word for it. It is a Doctor’s favourite and it would naturally be unthinkable of one to suggest that this would be given anything but a good review. One can only suggest, begrudgingly that should one doubt the Doctor’s discerning taste and loathe as he is to suggest it, one should visit and find out for oneself. The latest news is that Luke has eaten the fish. They parted good friends.

Brady’s Fish Restaurant

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