On the subject of steak

One was recently discussing eateries with one of one’s chums and the subject of fine meat arose. Now, in the colonial States of America one can say that a good steak is easy to find. However, back in blighty, the challenge is far greater. It brought to mind a visit to a fabulous establishment in London called Hawksmoor in Seven Dials in the heart of London, just up from Covent Garden. Here their meat is high quality and very tasty. One would rank it amongst the best establishments for steak in London despite the higher than average price tag.

On entering one is greeted in a most congenial manner and led downstairs to the cocktail area which is decked out in dark wood, leather chairs and brass rails in a style resembling the best establishments of our American cousins and with a lively, classy atmosphere. The staff are all impeccably well-trained and personable. Our waiter was very knowledgeable on the subject of cocktails and after having supped a rather good Manhattan, he recommended an “Old Pal” . His “pitch” was that it is slightly less sweet than the Manhattan on account of the Campari. Being a fan of a fine Negroni cocktail your Doctor had to sample this offering and is pleased to report that one was most impressed! This will go on one’s cocktail list and for those that would like to try this little number, the measures are as follows:

2 measures rye whiskey
1 measure dry vermouth
1 measure Campari

BUT, one digresses…one must return to the meal and the sumptuous steak that was devoured rather too quickly together with the triple cooked chunky chips that was their accompaniment. It was a fine and tasty steak, no doubt about that but one felt it looked rather lonely on the plate on its own.

The dining room itself was somewhat quirky with some old-fashioned windows/doors being used to segregate the private dining rooms and the atmosphere was somewhat more subdued in here in comparison with the bar. One felt that something was missing but could not quite put a finger on it. One therefore must return to reassess the cocktails and eat of copius helpings of steak and then drink and eat and eat and drink and drink and drink anew in order to give a proper and full account of the restaurant..hurrah!

Hawksmoor (one of three in the Hawksmoor chain)

11 Langley Street,

Tel: 020 7420 9390

Categories: English, London, Mild Shock (£££), Private! - Dr. Lunch only

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