Absolutely Dabbouslous

Oh, how one wishes one had more time. One would be able to join one’s chums on their various sorties to wonderful eateries. Sir Cosmo Longstaff and Frosbisher have updated your dear Doctor on their recent visit to Dabbous. One simply must go. Here is Sir Cosmo’s brief report back. Mille merci!

Frobisher and Sir Cosmo had a lunch too good to adequately describe in words. They chose from the four course £26 lunch menu (dishes marked on the attached A la Carte menu). Without a doubt the finest food in town, even without taking the enticing price into account. Book now. You might get in next Spring 🙂

Choices from the Dabbous menu

Sir Cosmo and Frobisher’s choices marked on the menu. Click for larger image

39 Whitfield Street
Tel: 020 7323 1544

Categories: London, Private! - Dr. Lunch only


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