Just behind Her Majesty

In spite of so-called friends’ mockery of one’s healthy corpulence, the Doctor often lunches in some of London’s more healthy establishments. In recognition of this joyous year of celebration for Her Majesty’s diamond jubilee, your Doctor has decided to take luncheon at hostelries in the vicinity of Her London residence to recce where she might frequent for the occasional incognito snack.

Thus, behind Her back garden wall is the delightful and quaintly appointed Cafe Bella Maria. One was served with a pot of tea and that really is a POT of tea my dear foreign chums. NOT a teabag next to a cup of hot water! Harrumph!!

Milk was served in a delightfully small, twee, classical, china jug which was accompanied by a cup of similar provenance. Oh, the joy of attention to detail.

Spicy chickpeas & aubergine accompanied by wild rice was delicious. Not for the first time. This is a delicious and hearty portion of health. Surprised? Yes, your dear Doctor does eat the odd surprising healthy option..but the orange cake looks deliciously tempting.

Service is friendly and relaxed. I have added a daguerreotype below for your amusement.  A jewel, hidden amongst globally branded tedium.

Café Bella Maria
Lower Grosvenor Place,

cups and saucers

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