The Chesil Rectory – Winchester – back to 1450

It is good for one’s health to partake of the occasional sojourn in the countryside at the weekend. One was indeed fortunate to be outside olde London towne  once again and heading to Winchester. The second weekend on the trot that yours truly had managed to escape the congested City streets!

Winchester; famed cathedral city and home to many a well-bred young man from the local school, steeped in the traditions of the English public school system. The Chesil Rectory is reputedly the oldest building in town, dating back to 1450 and its oaken façade did not disappoint.

Through the quaint oak-beamed doorway we trotted to be seated at a most agreeable and convivial table. The olde oake beams murmured with their historical secrets. Pre-lunch drinks had naturally already been consumed eleswhere and so on it was to the Chilean wine and a good honest Sunday lunch.

“Superb!” exclaimed I (not to the other diners one might add). After the disappointment of the previous week at Tylney Hall we were in a much higher quality league in terms of food. My hosts and I tucked in to our starters. Doctor lunch partook of the excellent chicken liver parfait which melted in the cook could learn a thing or two here. One’s main course roast pork was slow-cooked to perfection. It was deliciously mouthwatering. I must declare dear readers that this fullsome, quality Sunday lunch was excellent value even if it was my host who entertained me on this occasion.

So one says “hurrah and hooray” to find that hostelries in the countryside can still deliver excellent fare at a palatable tarif. Following a stroll along the fast running river and the compulsory feeding of the ducks it was sad to head back to Londinium in the sharabang to the congested.

1 Chesil Street,
SO23 0HU

Tel: 01962 851 555

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