Best Everything Spanish in towne

Taking the toro by the horns, your Doctor ventured to this Spanish establishment. Heavens, what was to be expected from a restaurant with a reputation for being “the best outside Spain”. A grand claim indeed that was posted on its advertorial on the Etherweb.

Despite having no reservation, a table was quickly found for us at the expense of the “no-shows” who were 10 minutes late. Be warned, this is a popular place dear readers and no wonder. The fare was as excellent as that served to the richest conquistadores in Don Quixote’s arid countryside. This food is not for Rocinante! The Serrano ham and potato croquettes and the plate of peppers incredibly morish. Suckling pig…perfection!

Fortescue, my portly, erstwhile companion, not being one for foreign food was wont to turn up his nose at food other than nurse would serve. I feel pity for his lack of epicurean appreciation but such is my lot to inspire his palate to greater things.

Not short of bravado an additional claim of the establishment is to have the best Spanish wine list in Olde Englande. Vega Sicilia at 995 guineas is there for the Gin & Jaguar set. Cripes, your penurious Doctor could only peer and wonder at such heady heights. Please feel free to peruse the wine list oneself. The wine recommendation was excellent, but gadzooks it was 39 guineas! Fortunately, savouring a mouthful of that succulent fortified grape was something of which Bacchus would have approved.

It’s therefore a hearty commendation for this glorious establishment but be warned, a booking would appear essential.

Cambio di Tercio

163 Old Brompton Road,
London SW5 0LJ,
Tel: 020 7244 8970

Categories: London, Private! - Dr. Lunch only

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