The Dastardly Savoy

T’was a sad tale of which I was recently regaled by a good chum of mine. He was most pleased to have secured a table at the Savoy for dinner. However upon arriving he was informed that he had no reservation. This was despite having received a confirmation call from the very same restaurant on his Portable Electronic Communications Device (PECD) only six hours earlier. Poor show he thought but was made to feel as small as an ant under a under the Lord of the Manor’s foot. A table by the window had been reserved but “there were no tables available and they would see what they could do”. Whilst waiting, various clientele were whisked to their tables and it would appear, allegedly that they were more frequent visitors. Poor show I say. Harrumph! Their evening was ruined after being shown to a less than satisfactory table. I shall leave the Savoy to the Gin and Jaguar set!

Categories: A tout le monde, Anecdotes, English, London

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