Me again at Megan’s – 8/10


Gadzooks Megan, one believes one could be in love with you. Ahem, well with your restaurant. On the King’s Road on the way out of town, it’s one of those local secrets. An oasis of calm amid the maddening traffic outside. One can be lured in by the tempting cakes lurking in the window or one can just boldly venture inside. Once in the door, the secret is to keep going, up the steps and then ALL the way down again…to the secret garden decorated with festive lights, ivy-clad walls and glowing wall heaters. ‘Tis magical. Megan’s serves simple but healthy fare. Chicken, salmon etc.. together with a choice of threes salads. Today there was baked aubergine with pomegranate, bulgar wheat salad, Greek Salad or Roasted red peppers stuffed with hummus.  One chose the last three to accompany one’s salmon washed down with a delightful bottle of Spanish white called Cuatro Rayas from Rueda. Fortescue plumped for the quiche with ham and cheese.

It’s not haute cuisine but it is very tasty, healthy grub at a very reasonable price of £10.50 for the main with three salads.  Maybe it was the warm sunshine and the odd glass or two of wine but one came away with a happy disposition determined to return again to this fashionable haven. Today fortunately it was quiet, but wait until the sun really comes out and fight for a table.

Apparently the menu changes in the evening for an evening grill, on examining it, one thinks one might pay an evening visit. Just remember that you shouldn’t visit as this one is privee mes amis. Harrumph!

571 King’s Road,
Tel. 020 7348 7139

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