Private! – Dr. Lunch only

Grumbling again

One has revisited Grumbles which one has previously reviewed so here is a brief overview of one’s latest visit. It is indeed a very good value, local eatery where the quality of the food is above what one would expect for… Read More ›

Absolutely Dabbouslous

Frobisher and Sir Cosmo had a lunch too good to adequately describe in words. They chose from the four course £26 lunch menu (dishes marked on the attached A la Carte menu. Without a doubt the finest food in town, even without taking the enticing price into account. Book now. You might get in next Spring 🙂

Oh, how one wishes one had more time. One would be able to join one’s chums on their various sorties to wonderful eateries. Sir Cosmo and Frosbisher have updated your dear Doctor on their recent visit to Dabbous. One simply must go. Here is Sir Cosmo’s brief report back. Mille merci!


Something fishy going on

One remembers a darker time, when brigands, thieves and robbers roamed the streets of olde London towne. One feared for one’s wallet and possibly one’s life. Now, fortunately, Wandsworth is much safer and your Doctor fearlessly ventured across Wandsworth bridge… Read More ›

Ensnared by a chain

As one knows your Doctor is ever impressed by these foreign Johnnies who can really astound one with their culinary expertise. Should one find oneself in Parsons Green one might chance upon Cote, another branch of the French bistro chain… Read More ›

Go Go Plateau

“One might think one was in New York” commented Masterton excitedly as we gazed through the floor to ceiling windows at the towering buildings of glass and steel. Indeed he was right, it was a glorious view from the restaurant… Read More ›

No lame duck

Cricket? Does that remind one of ducks when England play? One jests, despite this lame connection to your dear Doctor’s visit to Drakes, this locale was no lame duck. An up-market, chic and refined eatery in the midst of olde… Read More ›

Trulli Scrumptious

Well, one is delighted to have received another missive from McWeedle whilst on tour en famille in the colonies. He has kindly submitted this review which makes one wish one could hop on a magic carpet right away. Dear Dr… Read More ›