Private! – Dr. Lunch only

Gotta gota Otto’s 8/10

Otto’s, despite the Germanic sounding name is in fact a very traditional French restaurant. It is not located in the most fashionable part of London, yet that is what makes it attractive. With it’s white linen tablecloths, red velour banquette seating… Read More ›

21+9+4.5 = Heaven

You’re on course 15, only 6 desserts to go” said the waitress with a cheery smile. Yikes! One had already been dining for three hours and one hadn’t even got to dessert. All six of them awaited us! One had ventured to L’enclume. The restaurant resides in… Read More ›

Dishoom delivers… 8/10 – ££

“Meet at 12.15 on Thursday at Dishoom” texted Pettigrow.  As a fellow gourmand and lunch companion extraordinaire, one knows that Pettigrow’s recommended rendezvous would prove a worthwhile sortie. Thursday was a sweltering, yet beautiful English summer’s day. One wished to be reclining in a deckchair in the countryside enjoying a cream… Read More ›

Every painted plate? – 8/10

Art lovers!! Shiori‘s chef, Takashi Takagi is an artist! Six courses of the tasting menu and each one a masterpiece framed on a beautiful plate. For £65 per head one commences with a tofu square in a dainty bowl, followed by a clear soup containing green leaves coated with a most… Read More ›

Dabbulous – 8.5/10

Sir Cosmo has long dangled a carrot that one has finally seized and chomped with relish. T’was an invitation to join him at the small but ever so fashionable Dabbous in Whitfield St. Chef, Oliver Dabbous has had those press chappies… Read More ›