Dabbulous – 8.5/10

Sir Cosmo has long dangled a carrot that one has finally seized and chomped with relish. T’was an invitation to join him at the small but ever so fashionable Dabbous in Whitfield St. Chef, Oliver Dabbous has had those press chappies and chappesses in raptures over the creations in his eatery. The restaurant is not overly attractive. With stark wooden tables and dull grey metal walls one might think that one is in the clink.

Bread was served in a paper bag and was very tasty. One started with aliums (onions, dear boy said Sir Cosmo) done two ways with a superb clear reduction and having a great resemblance to a Miro painting. See one’s daguerreotype.

Coddled egg with woodland mushrooms and smoked butter was a delicious mouthful of sultry wooden flavour and it looked marvellous in front of one. Must tell cook to buy some of that smoked butter.

The main course was a strip of beef topped with a sprinkle of sea salt and an attractive eighth of a gherkin sliced lengthways, sprinkled with fresh dill. This was the most disappointing course. It was to be honest, in your Doctor’s opinion overcooked (not even medium- harrumph!) and to be honest it was not that marvellous. Sir Cosmo agreed that his cod had been the better choice.

Tiny Chinese peaches with mint were served between the main course and dessert and tasted just like a mojito cocktail. They were refreshing and delightful.

Cheese and biscuits to finish (£5 extra! – harrumph).

It was a most entertaining lunch. Your doctor was impressed by the clever melange of flavours and would suggest that it is worth a visit but not if one is ravenous as portions are small. At £28 per head it is not the best value lunch you can get but it is quite an experience and one that your doctor hopes to repeat so that amends may be made for the beef. Sir Cosmo, one thanks you for the introduction. Now do any of ones chums have any further suggestions?…

39 Whitfield Street

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  1. Sure this was not called Dubious! Very good report old fellow but can’t say I would make the effort, but the little bread in the bag trick catches my creative eye.
    We are trying the BBQ this evening, having some Yanks visiting.Critical care nurses, some interesting discussions to be sure.
    Going to BBQ some of my rhubarb drizzled with maple syrup and a hint of balsamic vinegar paste mixed with chillies. We shall already be well into the cava with Campari, a splendid little number.
    Well done Dr Lunch, thanks again for the update.

    • Ahh..Pettigrow, your comments are welcome as ever. One is currently sojourning in the Floridian states but does remember that BBQ’s can sometimes be a success in old blighty. Bon chance with the weather.

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