Kingham’s Shere – 7/10

One trundled off to the countryside in Fortescue’s new Jaguar of which he is most proud. The green hills of Surrey glistened in the unbroken sunshine and the barbecue weekend promised by the Beeb was upon us. One arrived in the attractive olde wolde village of Shere which boasts two pubs and a restaurant of note. Kinghams restaurant was one’s destination (of which he had heard good reports). A most friendly waitress greeted us and showed us to our table. The drizzle outside turned to rain. The sun had disappointingly disappeared and the day turned nasty. One was happy to be in this small, cosy, oak-beamed, 17th century eatery and hoped the meal would brighten the now dreary day.

The set lunch menu (£16.95) contained appetising fare such as starters of crab cakes on rocket salad. One decided to go a-la-carte. An attractive, small loaf was served. It was warm, crusty on the outside and moist on the inside. Things had started well. One ordered venison carpaccio with capers to start. It was moist and tasty. One followed with quail on “vegetable spaghetti” which was also good. Extra side vegetables were ample for two.  Fortescue also made suitably happy noises. He of course chose pork with crackling. The food was tastefully presented. However the waitress was unable to help with wine suggestions so one plumped for the Porter Mill South African Shiraz which sounded interesting and fortunately had some age being a 2008 and had some character. With Fortescue being chauffeur one was able to sample its delights in full – hurrah!

The dessert menu had some interesting choices including a ginger pudding which Fortescue naturally selected and enjoyed. Mr. meat and two veg + school dinners strikes again.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and can be recommended for a drive out of town for lunc. It must be very snug in the depths of winter when the fire is lit. One must return but you should not visit as it is priveé! Harrumph.

Kinghams Restaurant
Gomshall Lane,

Tel: 01483 202168

Categories: Doctor Lunch, English, Outside London, Private! - Dr. Lunch only, Stable (££), Surrey


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