Ahh!! Arbutus – 8.5/10 – £££

Arbutus - rabbit

After a brief sojourn, one has wandered the streets of Soho for the first time in a while. Please..no suggestive comments dear readers, it is beneath you. One was off to the theatre and was on a brief recce of the places that one had noted as being worth a visit. One was drawn to Arbutus. Its clean, white interior with classy looking clientele looked just right for a restaurant with a Michelin Star. Time was short but the service was efficient and it was not long before we were presented with our starters. The daguerreotype is of the rabbit which was your doctor’s choice. It was superb. One followed with lamb which was equally tasty, beautifully cooked and attractively presented. Even Fortescue was happy. The elegance of the restaurant, the friendly attentive service from our Hungarian waiter and the lively chatter from the other diners made this a most enjoyable interlude. One will return soon but will definitely not recommend it as it is priveé. Doctor lunch and chums only. One is considering that this might make an entry into the Doctor’s top 10. The next visit will decide!

63-64 Frith Street

Tel: +44 (0)20 7734 4545

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  1. Support the Docs observations on this restaurant. Always ask for the glass of house champagne with a dash of campari added; sets the tone don’t you know!

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