Private! – Dr. Lunch only

Been seen in Speen

The English countryside is the ideal retreat to pass the weekend.  Secluded villages conceal gastronomic surprises within an easy carriage ride from Londonium. Your Doctor ventured forth along the winding narrow roads of the Chilterns to find The Old Plow.  An olde 17th Century pub, now a restaurant, secreted in the village of Speen in… Read More ›

What a Circus!

Le Cirque had languished on the Doctor’s wish list for too long and so when one’s American chums Baddenoch and Cranleigh suggested  a luncheon there,  one duly accepted with alacrity. Obfuscated by a modern, yet impressive glass building one entered expectantly. The modern and eye bashing bar is the first thing one sees before… Read More ›

Green Jelly at The Greenhouse

Mes amis! Apologies, one has been rather remiss sharing this update with you before the yuletide celebrations. The Greenhouse restaurant has long been a favourite of your Doctor and it now has a “new” chef. (Arnaud Bignon in fact arrived about a year ago). Modern, upmarket and… Read More ›

Steak on Air Street

One stumbled on a most interesting piece of information that on Mondays Hawksmoor restaurants charge just £5 corkage if one brings one’s own bottle. Hurrah that presents an excellent opportunity to plunder one’s wine cellar and enjoy a first class… Read More ›


In one’s distant school days one learnt the odd smattering of French and a particular phrase which became etched in one’s mind was “zut alors!”. One is now given to understand that this expression means “damn!” although at the time… Read More ›

Not jaded at all

One’s chum, Sir Cosmo Longstaff is on his travels and has sent this daguerreotype of his meal at Le Jade, a Vietnamese restaurant in Cannes, in Southern France. Just up from La Croisette. One knows that this is his favourite in Cannes… Read More ›