Been seen in Greens?

Yes dear friends, Greens!  Why has one not told you of this marvellous eatery before? The honest truth is that one has been remiss and strayed from this one time “DL” favourite.

This is a “must visit” destination for any self-respecting Englishman (or lady!) in London. It evokes all the best elements of traditional British restaurants such as Wheelers, Wiltons and Rules. It is modern but has the feel of a gentleman’s club. There is a highly polished mahogany bar at which one can eat one’s oysters with an accompanying glass of champagne. The bar makes an excellent centrepiece and divides the restaurant into two somewhat schizophrenic halves. One side is more sombre and has booths, the other is bright and airy with a mixture of booths and tables. All tables are bedecked with pristine, white starched tablecloths. Droll, old-fashioned caricatures adorn the walls and provide an excellent diversion if one’s lunch companion is of a tedious nature. Fortunately, your Doctor picks his companions wisely. Hurrah!

The staff are friendly but not overly which is to be expected. Try finding such aloofness in the tactile wench’s at McSpiggets! For the most part the waiters are very well turned out. However, on this occasion one’s waiter looked like he’d just returned from a rather heavy night out. The assembled dining party consisted of The Inscrutable One, Masterton and of course Frobisher. We were fresh from our preprandial cocktails at Fortnum’s and were ready to eat. (One will regale you of one’s visits to the wonderful downstairs bar at Fortnum & Mason another time).

Menu options include numerous fish dishes and tempting offerings from the grill. There are also the old school favourites of “bangers and mash” , fish and chips etc. One plumped for potted shrimps (shown above). On being presented one was rather disappointed due to the plastic appearance of the dome of butter and shrimp before one which was rather off-putting. However, on breaking open the buttery binding one found that the brown shrimp were tender, juicy and succulent. One’s main course of smoked haddock “Parker Bowles” ( the well-connected proprietor’s name) was accompanied by creamy mashed potato and with a wonderful creamy sauce. The smoked haddock was also very tasty and not salty like some smoked haddock. Mr. Inscrutable also chose the haddock whilst the others selected rib-eye steak.

On this occasion one also chose to eat dessert. Pear and apple crumble with cream. Very sweet, very well-presented and very tasty. One’s companions had mango sorbet and Fortescue went for sticky toffee pudding which he declared to be “the best”. We all are aware of his sweet tooth and penchant for dessert so we must bow to his superior knowledge.

Heavens! nothing to drink? One hears you declare. Fear not. We consumed a refreshing, delightful Chablis from J. Moreau & Fils who is always reliable. Remember, in Burgundy once one has found a good shipper they are usually always reliable. The prices seemed to have jumped somewhat since one’s last visit with the potted shrimp starter being £12 and the haddock £19 but nevertheless it is a most worthwhile experience and is to be recommended to one’s chums.

Green’s Restaurant
36 Duke Street,
St. James’s,

Tel: 020 7930 4566

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  1. It has been a while since I have drifted into Greens preferring Rowleys on Jermyn Street , but must give it a try.
    Thank you Dr Lunch for the photgraphs and comments.
    My lunch today is at home as Upper Managent is visting relatives stateside, opened a bottle of good chanlis and we prepare the fresh sardines and go from there..🍴

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