Bellamy’s – alone? – £££ – 8/10

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One was alone at lunch. As one can imagine, this is a rare occurrence for your dear Doctor. However, seated at a table in Bellamy’s of Mayfair sipping a Campari and Soda was no great hardship. This moment of solitude allowed one to examine the restaurant and its clientele more closely. Bellamy’s is an elegant and refined establishment. Frequented, it would seem by the cognoscenti. One well remembers the halcyon days of Rules, The Ivy, Sheeky’s and Le Caprice when a discerning but non-glittering crowd frequented these well-established dining emporia. Alas, they are now mostly the preserve of the ignorant glitterati. Try finding a table at The Ivy if your names is not well-known and you will end up by the door or the kitchen, eating at 5.30pm. One would also have had to make this booking several months in advance. Nowadays, Rules, it seems is more a tourist destination or best for corporate entertainment in the private dining rooms. Fortunately, Bellamy’s is salvation personified with everything  just how it should be. One sincerely hopes that it will not go the way of these other fine eateries. The restaurant has never disappointed with its classic cuisine and elegant, friendly service. The cocktails are exemplary too! One has been here on a number of occasions and has NEVER been disappointed.

In reality, one was awaiting the arrival of one’s chums who were unusually late. McWeedle sent a message via the electronic ether to say he was on his way. Robert de la Daunce appeared at the doorway displaying his usual sartorial elegance. He had come “from the Deli” he declared. On enquiring why one should wish to know this he restated that he had come “straight from Delhi” that morning. What a show-off! Harrumph!

With the arrival of McWeedle we ordered without haste. First things first. A bottle of Ch. Bernadotte 2004. Hurrah! An Haut medoc cru bourgeois with some age to it! What is this current trend in restaurants to serve wine that is still in its nappies? Leave that to the Beaujolais Nouveau crowd. One wishes for something more mature as your Doctor’s friends will attest!

No starter today but for our main courses we all plumped for the sliced entrecôte and chips which we all knew would be heavenly as this is what we all had the last time we were here. We were not disappointed, the Castle Mey beef was as tender and tasty as one would expect. The chips were cooked to perfection. One was tempted by the grouse and also the steak tartare but one has only one stomach and it is portly enough as it is!

Onwards to the desserts! Poached pear for your doctor as per one’s daguerreotype above and parfait for McW. and Robert. All wonderful as they attested whilst licking theire lips.

This really is a wonderful restaurant. “Rose coloured spectacles!” one hears you declare. Hmm, maybe so  but one thinks not and a return should take place before too long, just to be sure it really is this good and before the glitterati discover it! A bientôt mes amis!

Footnote: in composing this missive one noted that one’s spell checker suggested the word “illiterate” in lieu of glitterati. One hopes they are not offfended but then they won’t read this will they!

18-18a Bruton Place
Tel:  0207 491 2727

Square Meal


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