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A gentleman who lunches.

  • Up the back passage

    Up a back passage in one of the classier parts of London,  just off St. James’s is a well concealed entrance to Davey’s Wine Bar. One of a London chain of wine bars with a traditional style all their own…. Read More ›

  • Inn the Village

    Another jaunt into the English countryside with one’s old Scottish chum Dalyrample. One visited The Village Gate just outside the attractive town of Wendover in Buckinghamshire. A short carriage ride from the bustle of Londinium.  The greenery of the English countryside… Read More ›

  • Frankly Frankie’s gone to Italy

    Another chain restaurant. What is going on one might ask! Your Doctor in a branded, plastic, modern, centrally controlled monstrosity? Should McSpigget’s Tavern ever open another, the world would be a worse place. However, (un petit secret mes amis) and… Read More ›

  • Churrascaria (Preto)

    Churrascaria, a Brazilian concept for a restaurant. Whatever next? what happened to “the pub”, “the olde pye shop”. All these foreign eateries should be brought in line. Bah!  However, your dear Doctor was pleasantly surprised that the fare on offer… Read More ›

  • Mustn’t Grumble

    Weather be blowed and humbug I say, one shall not be stayed by the rain! And so one ventured out into the blustery wastelands of Pimlico with one’s brolly today to return to the comforting, wooden interior of Grumbles restaurant…. Read More ›

  • Tasty Geyser (ville)

    One’s thanks to one’s chum McWeedle for a reminder of the wonderful Ridge Geyserville 2000. A delightful full-bodied wine from…ahem…the colonies. To be reviewed, I am sure sometime in September! Watch this space dear readers.

  • Astronomic gastronomics – L’Oranger

    One has returned to the old country and is glad to be here with brolly fully prepped. A glorious meal was had last night with one’s most entertaining chums. We ate, drank and generally made merry with a price tag… Read More ›

  • Gadzooks!

    Gadzooks! Dearest gourmands, apologies. One has been remiss and omitted to regale you of one’s recent visit to The Old Ebbit Grill in Washington DC. ’tis located but a hop, skip and jump from the President’s House. Alas, I fear… Read More ›

  • Hurrah for the Queen!

    Hurrah for the Queen in her diamond Jubilee year, what a glorious weekend. One would have liked to have joined her luncheon at Westminster Hall but one had more pressing matters in the Colonies.

  • Heaven by a boating lake

    Can one imagine a perfect summer’s day, by an idyllic boating lake with a warm breeze providing the backdrop to a delicious luncheon? That is the Boathouse restaurant in Central Park, New York. On this day, it was a piece… Read More ›