Frankly Frankie’s gone to Italy

Another chain restaurant. What is going on one might ask! Your Doctor in a branded, plastic, modern, centrally controlled monstrosity? Should McSpigget’s Tavern ever open another, the world would be a worse place. However, (un petit secret mes amis) and I can say this only once! Frankie’s is a favourite of your dear Doctor (shhhh!! hush now, lest one’s gourmand credentials be diminished). After all this is Frankie’s Italian eatery. A concept that has been thought up by a small horserider and a wild haired French chef! More johnny foreigners! Dash it all I say! London is awash with continental type restaurants on every street. However, dear readers, one must ask “is that a bad thing?” Your doctor believes not, especially when there is a fine casual dining eatery with a style all it’s own such as Frankie’s.

Yes, it’s a chain and the glitter balls lead one to believe the dry ice might start pumping out and one might have to dance! Well if that happens you will not see your dear doctor on the floor, oh no! Another large red would be the Doctor’s choice!

The Doctor and chums only go to the Yeoman’s Row branch where Salvatore Ramon di Valencia (the manager aka Diego) greets us with a welcome that might wake his dead grandmother. One is well known to our dear friend Salvatore and other diners look on with interest as we are ushered to a favoured table with a fanfare that might befit the Duke of Cumberland. This is not an uncommon welcome for your dear Doctor, one cannot be modest about one’s poplularity dear readers!

A prosecco to start and then the menu that has kept the Doctor and chums returning time after time. It’s Bresaola, or parma ham and melon followed by Tagliatelli Bolognese or Spaghetti Vongole with no dessert. Desserts are small and uninteresting in this establishment one should spare one’s waistline. Frobisher always has the tagliettelle, Fortescue too! whilst wee Gildersleeve and Guiffart often select a juicy, tender steak. Copious amounts of Tempranillo help the evening move along swiftly and then one pours oneself into the fresh air for a final nightcap at McSpigget’s tavern.

Frankie’s Criterion

3 Yeomans Row, off Brompton Road
London, SW3 2AL
Tel: 020 7590 9999

Categories: London, Private! - Dr. Lunch only, Stable (££)

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