Masterton – Indian curry and Michelin star

A Londinium based, curry aficionado. Masterton eats and drinks well, mainly lager! Curry houses and Nandos are his staple diet. He knows the best curry houses in London. Vegetables and salad are off the menu yet astoundingly his tastes stretch to the dizzy Michelin heights on occasion.
Main Food Choices – Curry, with curry…extra hot with a cold lager.
Favourite Restaurants – Any good curry house and some more trendy establishments including some excellent Michelin star restaurants.

  • Amaya – Trendy, Michelin-starred Indian restaurant in classy Belgravia near Hyde Park Corner. Not cheap but well worth a visit.
  • Veeraswamylong established (1926) chic Indian restaurant just off Piccadilly Circus.  Reputedly the oldest Indian restaurant in the UK.
  • Roti Chai  – new Indian eatery serving “indian street food”. Just near Marble Arch. Interesting. Some dishes are stupendously flavoured, others are hit and miss. Fun to try!

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