Churrascaria (Preto)

Churrascaria, a Brazilian concept for a restaurant. Whatever next? what happened to “the pub”, “the olde pye shop”. All these foreign eateries should be brought in line. Bah!  However, your dear Doctor was pleasantly surprised that the fare on offer went down rather better than one might pronounce the name. An all you can eat meat lover’s paradise. Meat of all sorts, chicken, beef, pork, lamb and sausages was brought out on a skewer and offered. To signify one’s desire to eat further, one simply turned up the token to say “sim”. Once sated, flip over the token for “no”.

This really does not remind one of McSpigget’s Tavern at all. Food is in abundance and not thrown down by a buxom serving wench. The “all you can eat”  concept is of interest and might attract one’s chum Jonathan Greatboggins, one’s larger than life and larger in life gourmand. However, one’s concern that the quality might lack to counterbalance the quantity was not founded.

Not high class, a bit rough around the edges and one wouldn’t rush to eat here over McSpigget’s. However it was a fun and entertaining establishment with friendly (Brazilian?) staff. Not really up to your doctor’s standards and not one for the gourmands. Alas, one cannot see cook attempting to serve such varied fare. One fears that she might use the skewer as a weapon rather than a tool! (Apologies for the poor daguerreotype below of beef on a skewer but one had had a few caprinha’s!)

72 Wilton Road,

Tel: 020 7233 8688

Categories: A tout le monde, London, Stable (££)

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