No lame duck

Cricket? Does that remind one of ducks when England play? One jests, despite this lame connection to your dear Doctor’s visit to Drakes, this locale was no lame duck. An up-market, chic and refined eatery in the midst of olde… Read More ›

Trulli Scrumptious

Well, one is delighted to have received another missive from McWeedle whilst on tour en famille in the colonies. He has kindly submitted this review which makes one wish one could hop on a magic carpet right away. Dear Dr… Read More ›

Dead Cow

One encourages ones chums to inform one of any new eateries that have given one pleasure. McWeedle, who is gallavanting in the colony of the USA has sent me this missive with a scrumptious illustration of the rarest of large,… Read More ›

Squids in

“One simply must eat the squid” effused Pettigrew, “it’s excellent and it’s not that calamari rubbish”. When it comes to food, Pettigrew is an expert. He boasts a stomach to prove it! As you know dear readers, the enticement of… Read More ›

Inn the Village

Another jaunt into the English countryside with one’s old Scottish chum Dalyrample. One visited The Village Gate just outside the attractive town of Wendover in Buckinghamshire. A short carriage ride from the bustle of Londinium.  The greenery of the English countryside… Read More ›

Churrascaria (Preto)

Churrascaria, a Brazilian concept for a restaurant. Whatever next? what happened to “the pub”, “the olde pye shop”. All these foreign eateries should be brought in line. Bah!  However, your dear Doctor was pleasantly surprised that the fare on offer… Read More ›