Mustn’t Grumble

Weather be blowed and humbug I say, one shall not be stayed by the rain! And so one ventured out into the blustery wastelands of Pimlico with one’s brolly today to return to the comforting, wooden interior of Grumbles restaurant…. Read More ›


Gadzooks! Dearest gourmands, apologies. One has been remiss and omitted to regale you of one’s recent visit to The Old Ebbit Grill in Washington DC. ’tis located but a hop, skip and jump from the President’s House. Alas, I fear… Read More ›


Good heavens! Why the deuce would one adopt “The Grazing Goat” as the name for an hostelry of good repute. Whatever next? “The Munching Rabbit”, “The Sniggering Tadpole”. Gone are the days of the “Queen’s Head” or the plain old… Read More ›

Something fishy?

Fresh fish from the cool waters of our very own English Channel are one of life’s great pleasures and your Doctor is partial to the odd aquatic offering. So it was that one had travelled to the English Riviera and… Read More ›