Go Go Plateau

“One might think one was in New York” commented Masterton excitedly as we gazed through the floor to ceiling windows at the towering buildings of glass and steel. Indeed he was right, it was a glorious view from the restaurant… Read More ›

Who Kicks who?

Konnichiwa! Your Doctor is expanding his boundaries! Now dear readers, one knows that this might upset some of you to find that the Doctor is deserting a tried and trusted path but your Doctor recently took his repast at a… Read More ›

Squids in

“One simply must eat the squid” effused Pettigrew, “it’s excellent and it’s not that calamari rubbish”. When it comes to food, Pettigrew is an expert. He boasts a stomach to prove it! As you know dear readers, the enticement of… Read More ›

Churrascaria (Preto)

Churrascaria, a Brazilian concept for a restaurant. Whatever next? what happened to “the pub”, “the olde pye shop”. All these foreign eateries should be brought in line. Bah!  However, your dear Doctor was pleasantly surprised that the fare on offer… Read More ›

Mustn’t Grumble

Weather be blowed and humbug I say, one shall not be stayed by the rain! And so one ventured out into the blustery wastelands of Pimlico with one’s brolly today to return to the comforting, wooden interior of Grumbles restaurant…. Read More ›