Good heavens! Why the deuce would one adopt “The Grazing Goat” as the name for an hostelry of good repute. Whatever next? “The Munching Rabbit”, “The Sniggering Tadpole”. Gone are the days of the “Queen’s Head” or the plain old… Read More ›

Just behind Her Majesty

In spite of so-called friends’ mockery of one’s healthy corpulence, the Doctor often lunches in some of London’s more healthy establishments. In recognition of this joyous year of celebration for Her Majesty’s diamond jubilee, your Doctor has decided to take… Read More ›

Grumbles – Pimlico

Tucked away in a quiet road in olde London’s Pimlico, hides a beautifully quaint and cosy restaurant that one wishes you not to visit. It is Doctor Lunch’s favourite discovery of recent times despite it having been in this spot… Read More ›

Le Gavroche

One might wonder where Doctor Lunch would rather partake of a fine repast if given a free rein. It is here at Le Gavroche, London’s finest dining experience bar none. To sample the delights of its Prix Fixe menu whilst… Read More ›