Le Gavroche

One might wonder where Doctor Lunch would rather partake of a fine repast if given a free rein. It is here at Le Gavroche, London’s finest dining experience bar none. To sample the delights of its Prix Fixe menu whilst on a penurious salary is nothing short of heaven itself. The young Michel Roux was not in evidence which is a rare event but one is given to understand that he had participated in the London Marathon at the weekend and was recuperating. Quel surprise!

His father, Albert however did perambulate with great efficacy, greeting some of the regulars with cordial grace. A charming man. Dear readers, I do implore you not to eat in this establishment as Doctor Lunch finds that the advance booking time is becoming rather tedious following Michel’s appearances on that cathode ray contraption. Mange bien mes amis!!

43 Upper Brook Street

Categories: London, Mild Shock (£££), Private! - Dr. Lunch only


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