The New World

Le Cigare Volant – USA – 7/10
A favourite of your doctor, partly for the label but also for the consistent quality of this full-bodied red from those chaps at the Bonny Doon Vineyard in California. A tad shy of being a classic but highly entertaining with one’s chums over a pasty.

The Chocolate Block – South Africa – Rhone Style blend of grapes – The Doctor’s Rating : 8/10
More commonly referred to as “ChoBlo”, this is a delightfully full-bodied, meaty wine that cannot fail to please. My gouty foot is aching at the thought of it. Piffle! such sacrifices are worth making for wine such as this.

Regusci – Cabernet Sauvigon from California – 8/10 : Price $65 (2012)
When one visited this vineyard a few years back, one was informed that Mr. Regusci strived for a more Italian style wine. This is difficult where the wines are so often full of fruit and possibly lack some complexity. However, he has done grand job and one found this to be amongst one’s favourite wines tasted in a tour of the Vineyards of the Napa Valley. This is a full-bodied, deliciously fruity wine with some complexity and a lot of depth. One fears that it will not be kept in the Doctor’s cellar for very long.


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  1. Dear Dr L, perhaps you can offer a few soothing words to help me cope with the barren days between bottles of Ridge Geyserville 2000…

    • My Dear McW,
      Really! Despite my recent essay into the colonies, I do try and eschew this New World wine but if one must imbibe, then I am glad one is fortifying oneself with such a full-bodied and wholesome dispensation. One looks forward to an edifying glass or two oneself at some future point in time. When that will be is an enigma.

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