Budapest treat – Costes 10/10

Budapest would not necessarily be one’s first place to seek a fine dining experience. When Hungarian food is mentioned one thinks of goulash, salami, paprika and foie gras.  Naturally,  Hungarian food can be extremely tasty as cook would testify. She is half Hungarian herself and knows… Read More ›

Gotta gota Otto’s 8/10

Otto’s, despite the Germanic sounding name is in fact a very traditional French restaurant. It is not located in the most fashionable part of London, yet that is what makes it attractive. With it’s white linen tablecloths, red velour banquette seating… Read More ›

Mole and Chicken 7/10

Picture from the Mole and Chicken web site (merci!) Anyhow, back to the review of the Mole and Chicken. No it is not called thus because they serve mole & chicken pie. However this gastropub in Easington, Bucks offers some quite tasty fare in attractive… Read More ›

21+9+4.5 = Heaven

You’re on course 15, only 6 desserts to go” said the waitress with a cheery smile. Yikes! One had already been dining for three hours and one hadn’t even got to dessert. All six of them awaited us! One had ventured to L’enclume. The restaurant resides in… Read More ›