Mild Shock (£££)

Green Jelly at The Greenhouse

Mes amis! Apologies, one has been rather remiss sharing this update with you before the yuletide celebrations. The Greenhouse restaurant has long been a favourite of your Doctor and it now has a “new” chef. (Arnaud Bignon in fact arrived about a year ago). Modern, upmarket and… Read More ›

Steak on Air Street

One stumbled on a most interesting piece of information that on Mondays Hawksmoor restaurants charge just £5 corkage if one brings one’s own bottle. Hurrah that presents an excellent opportunity to plunder one’s wine cellar and enjoy a first class… Read More ›

Go Go Plateau

“One might think one was in New York” commented Masterton excitedly as we gazed through the floor to ceiling windows at the towering buildings of glass and steel. Indeed he was right, it was a glorious view from the restaurant… Read More ›

Who Kicks who?

Konnichiwa! Your Doctor is expanding his boundaries! Now dear readers, one knows that this might upset some of you to find that the Doctor is deserting a tried and trusted path but your Doctor recently took his repast at a… Read More ›

No lame duck

Cricket? Does that remind one of ducks when England play? One jests, despite this lame connection to your dear Doctor’s visit to Drakes, this locale was no lame duck. An up-market, chic and refined eatery in the midst of olde… Read More ›