The new London restaurant hit list

Don't touch my lime!

Don’t touch my lime!

One is shortly returning to the UK after yet another sojourn in Fort Lauderdale. That wonderfully sunny domain that is sadly lacking in any seriously good restaurants although one did find one decent venue called Wild Sea in Las Olas where the little lobster chappy was trying to keep Fortescue from his lime. No contest!

But! mes amis…back to the subject matter. London..and the hit list. Of course, one has to admit that the choice is myriad and difficult but here goes.

Top of the list is Wild Honey, the second restaurant from Anthony Demettre and Will Smith who opened Arbutus a few years back which one thought was wonderful. It has a Michelin star and receives excellent reviews and your dear Doctor has waited too long to go! Here’s a review from Matthew Norman of The Guardian.
Tel: 020-7758 9160.  Address 12 St George Street, London W1. – UPDATE – One recently visited and had a very good meal. See the review.

Next is Roti Chai young Guiffart has raved about. It is near Selfridges in Oxford Street. Marble Arch tube. It is “Indian street food” and so is not going to be an upmarket affair one is sure. One is also sure that Fortescue will not want to venture here with any relish as he is still a “meat and two” veg man! If you are like Fortescue then you might not want to visit either but why not select Fortescue’s choices using the “Chum’s Choices” from the menu up the top there.
Anyhow one is a great fan of Guiffart’s selections so off one will toddle to try it out. – Now Visited – Not bad, but could have been better. Here is the review

Pollen Street Social must be tried!” one is told by so many. It is a Jason Atherton restaurant, the chef from Maze with a big reputation. Reports are good including this one from Jay Rayner even though he’s not too impressed by the staff in his visit. Of course it’s not cheap at about £120 for two including wine but one hopes for great things.
Tel: 020 7993 3251 Address: 58 Poland Street, London W1

Then last but not least there is Fischer’s. Another restaurant by Chris Corbin and Jeremy King who seem to have a winning way with restaurants. (think Delaunay, Colbert and The Wolseley.) It’s their take on classic Austrian fare. Sounds delicious. One might try the sachertorte. In the word’s of one’s chum Sir Cosmo Longstaff, “yum!”
Tel: 020-7466 5501 Address: 50 Marylebone High Street, London W1,

Dear chums and chumettes are there any others that might be recommended?

Of course if none of these tempt you then you can always visit Le Gavroche which is on the Doctor’s Top 10 restaurants in London One will be visiting shortly after one’s return to blighty..hurrah!

Now, one last question. Do any of one’s chums fancy joining your dear Doctor or does one have to eat alone?

Happy eating mes amis!

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