Something fishy?

Fresh fish from the cool waters of our very own English Channel are one of life’s great pleasures and your Doctor is partial to the odd aquatic offering. So it was that one had travelled to the English Riviera and the attractive seaside town of Torquay. In the evening we perambulated down to the No. 7 fish restaurant which offers a varied changing menu of fresh locally caught fish. Paul, the efficient host, not unsurprisingly remembered Doctor Lunch from a previous visit and he proceeded to set One’s tastebuds racing when he presented the available fresh fish on a platter. A whole turbot, delicious plump cod and gurnard were on offer together with other delights. One ordered a most excellent white Bordeaux, an Entre-deux-faux-mers which was complex and dry. We soon required a second bottle to compare with the first. Fear not dear readers, the Doctor never dines alone and was accompanied by an entourage of likeminded gourmands and is not degenerating into the depths of the alcoholic lifestyle.
Feeling comfortably replete after a most excellent skate wing and a starter of local Brixham oysters, one tottered off for a good night’s rest in the knowledge that this marvellous fish emporium is still delivering something akin to perfection. Fishy but not fishy at all my dear readers.

No. 7 Fish Bistro
7 Beacon Terrace

Tel: +44 1803 295 055

Categories: Outside London

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