You can filter the posts in one’s blog in a myriad of ways.

  1. Choose which profile resembles you

The most powerful way is just to decide whose tastes you most align with and select their profile from the chum’s choices above. Are you a Fortescue? Safe, traditional who loves meat and two veg, eschewing modern fads and anything that sounds too healthy. Or are you like the Inscrutable One who loves good quality fish, haute cuisine and fine wines. It may be that your tastes match those of the Doctor who is naturally a gentleman of epicurean tastes. Alternatively are you just in the mood for a curry? Young Masterton can help you there.

2. Filter by location, cost or type of cuisine

Yes, look up there on the menu. The filters are available in a variety of flavours. Click the drop down and see what pops up!

3. Top listings

Of course, if you want the crème de la crème then just pick one of the Doctor’s top lists from the options above.

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