Mole and Chicken 7/10

Picture from the Mole and Chicken web site (merci!) Anyhow, back to the review of the Mole and Chicken. No it is not called thus because they serve mole & chicken pie. However this gastropub in Easington, Bucks offers some quite tasty fare in attractive… Read More ›

21+9+4.5 = Heaven

You’re on course 15, only 6 desserts to go” said the waitress with a cheery smile. Yikes! One had already been dining for three hours and one hadn’t even got to dessert. All six of them awaited us! One had ventured to L’enclume. The restaurant resides in… Read More ›

The lure of the kilt!

The siren call of the Lake District and  Scotland could not be ignored. Just two days back from the “Tour de France” and with one’s gastronomic tastebuds sated by the delights of French cuisine then we were off again! . So into the… Read More ›

Kingham’s Shere – 7/10

One trundled off to the countryside in Fortescue’s new Jaguar of which he is most proud. The green hills of Surrey glistened in the unbroken sunshine and the barbecue weekend promised by the Beeb was upon us. One arrived in the attractive olde wolde village of Shere which… Read More ›

Been seen in Speen

The English countryside is the ideal retreat to pass the weekend.  Secluded villages conceal gastronomic surprises within an easy carriage ride from Londonium. Your Doctor ventured forth along the winding narrow roads of the Chilterns to find The Old Plow.  An olde 17th Century pub, now a restaurant, secreted in the village of Speen in… Read More ›

No lame duck

Cricket? Does that remind one of ducks when England play? One jests, despite this lame connection to your dear Doctor’s visit to Drakes, this locale was no lame duck. An up-market, chic and refined eatery in the midst of olde… Read More ›

Inn the Village

Another jaunt into the English countryside with one’s old Scottish chum Dalyrample. One visited The Village Gate just outside the attractive town of Wendover in Buckinghamshire. A short carriage ride from the bustle of Londinium.  The greenery of the English countryside… Read More ›

Something fishy?

Fresh fish from the cool waters of our very own English Channel are one of life’s great pleasures and your Doctor is partial to the odd aquatic offering. So it was that one had travelled to the English Riviera and… Read More ›