London, simply the best!

Well mes amis. After an extended sojourn in the warm, humid climate of Florida with a dearth of good eateries one has now returned to Londinium. Did you wonder why the postings had finished. One was in Fort Lauderdale on which one does have some views on the restaurants as expressed in “lacking Lauderdale

At last, one can visit the restaurants that one has missed. Day 1 – straight to Le Gavroche for the best lunch in town and a very friendly welcome. This restaurant is simply heaven but don’t expect Farrow & Ball paint with trendy cushions, this oozes traditional French with class and style. If you haven’t been what are you waiting for? You may have to wait to visit but it is worth every centime. One had the rognons de veau, which were splendid. The cheese trolley beats anything it town. Michel Roux (terribly nice chap!) arrived at the table so one purchased his new cookery book which contains some very interesting recipes although the horse doesn’t necessarily appeal.

Then, off to Daquise, a Polish restaurant in South Kensington with a classic approach to dining which is among your Doctor’s top 10 restaurants. Steak tartare prepared from scratch at your table side. It is not always on the menu but if you ask they may be able to accommodate you. The breaded pork chop is always superb and is accompanied by a cucumber salad and “noodles” (or mashed potato if one is not partial to the noodles).

The off to one of the restaurants on one’s wishlist. Gymkhana. An Indian restaurant near the Ritz Hotel with a Michelin star no less. One may write a separate review but suffice to say, the food we had was excellent but as one might expect it is somewhat pricier than your ordinary curry house. Spicy chicken wings, curried lamb shank and a mutton vindaloo (hot hot hot!). Upstairs still resembles the pub it once was. Downstairs is a lot more fun with a cosy and attractive bar, waiters serving cocktails, yes cocktails!…a new venue for one’s American chums. And the music gives it an air of a speakeasy. We had tried for a table on a whim and were luckily given a perch in the bar which was super fun. The restaurant manager and staff were uber friendly and the wine waiter proffered a taster of their Indian wine. It was very good. Watch out Ch. Lafitte…well not quite yet.

Then finally a visit to one’s local Italian, Mamma mia in East Sheen where we always get a friendly welcome.

Ahh, thank heavens for London and it’s wondrous choice of eateries.  There is more to come on the wasn’t all burgers and pizza!

mange bien mes amis! It’s good to be back.




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  1. Thanks for your latest updates of enjoyable and good places to frequent – frequently!

  2. Bravo! It wasn’t the same without you dear Doctor. Expect a call…

  3. Marvelous – welcome back to the old smoke! Though of course our smoky days are now numbered after the Paris agreement! Looking forward to further guidance 😉

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