Tylney Hall Hotel – near Hook

And so it was off to the countryside for Doctor Lunch on a windswept, grey and rainy day. Tylney Hall near Hook has long been a favourite venue for a well-served, old-fashioned Sunday luncheon. It was one’s first time back for some time and one’s mouth was atingle with expectation. Sunday roast is served from a silver trolley just like Simpson’s in the Strand. One is always guaranteed a delicious roast beef served gloriously rare. Alas and alack. Today, something was amiss. The usual panache was lacking. Things started badly with Bloody Mary’s (not cheap!) being thin, almost watery and lacking in bloodiness and flavour. Worst of all ..no celery! An affront to any Bloody Mary or a Virgin one for that matter.

One was not to be deterred. The meal started well but then the young Spanish waitress arrived near our table and started carving large tranches of beef from the trolley. Thick steak-like hacks but nevertheless rare as rare can be! It looked exquisite on the plate but we were woefully deceived and all four found the beef to be tough. We returned one plate but Doctor Lunch is a stalwart and soldiered on as he had found a slightly more tender section. Unfortunately with jaw aching Doctor Lunch admitted defeat. We finished the meal reasonably well with lovely expresso but the main event was such a disappointment that it really didn’t work that day. One does hope it was just a one off as Tylney Hall belongs on one’s Sunday luncheon list…

Tylney Hall Hotel, Ridge Lane, Rotherwick, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9AZ

Tel: +44 (0)1256 764881

Categories: A tout le monde, English, Stable (££)

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