Fortescue – Basic good value British Fare

Based in Londinium, he’s a very close chum. His main penchant is for good old-fashioned home cooking, school dinners, meat and two veg. You know the score. Calories do not bother him and he is not attracted to uber-trendy restaurants. Juicy steaks and roasts are his staple. Pasta is a rarity and only eaten under duress or if it is spaghetti bolognese or lasagne.

Main Food Choices Fortescue is a man of simple tastes. He likes good old British cooking. Steak and ale pie with chips. MEAT especially beef. Steak & chips, pork pies, lamb cutlets, fish & chips, old-fashioned desserts like bread and butter pudding.

Dislikes: Pasta, rice, salad and anything without calories. He is not keen on Asian cuisine especially Vietnamese.

Favourite Restaurants:
Generally, he will not be attracted to Michelin star restaurants or new trendy restaurants. His choices are simple and straightforward and generally overly priced.
La Genova (Italian near Marble Arch)
Brady’s Fish & Chips
Champagne Charlie’s

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