Good recommendations part II

Something's missing?

Something’s missing?

One recently had a pop at jolly old Trip Advisor (See Good recommendations..) highlighting its less than reliable, poorly vetted recommendations. The recommendations of the World’s Top 50 restaurants 2015 were equally lame. They included one of your Doctor’s least favourite restaurants which was given seventh place, namely Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. This restaurant, in one’s own experience, is a soulless barn of a place in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London which has been overrated and overpriced since it opened. One can still remember the supposedly wondrous pork chop which had all the tenderness of an old shoe. Bah!!

Now, one’s American chums have pointed out the serious error in the latest Forbes list of top restaurants in world. How many entries are there for London and the UK? Go on have a guess?… Would you believe none!! Yes NONE!! Now, come on Forbes, admittedly there are some wonderful restaurants around the world and you must have high standards but have you ever visited London or the UK?  Here’s a link to the Forbe’s list if you don’t believe me.  Now for one’s American chums, Forbes have at least got the USA covered with places like The French Laundry. However it does smack somewhat of the same mentality that labels baseball as a World series. No offence intended to one’s chums across the pond! One is in fact a long distance Red Sox fan..harrumph…One hopes one has not lost a portion of one’s fan base for that admission. 

Anyhow, back to the list. There are a smattering of Top UK hotels in the Forbe’s list which is also quite frankly dire. They are so…so….bleeding obvious. It’s as if someone walked around Mayfair noting the names of hotels as they went. There seems to be little, if any, research. Shoddy indeed. Of course your dear Doctor could have given them a few pointers should they had thought to ask! So with that off my chest, one hopes that you will continue to follow the Doctor’s blog rather than these poorly conceived, ill-researched lists. One will strive to bring you more of what’s fresh, new and reliable! One will also try not to recommend too many of the faddish new pop up, street food eateries which seem to appeal to young children with ripped jeans, spikey hair and white earphones permanently attached to their heads! Here is the list of your Doctor’s top London Restaurants..

Mange bien mes amis!


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  1. Hi Doc, loving the development of the site – I enjoy the reviews, what a leap from humble beginnings ! H.

  2. I agree – but, fortunately we can agree with Dr Lunch’s great recommendations

  3. Thanks for another excellent posting! Two things… firstly, the title “World Series” became slightly (and I stress “slightly”) less outrageous when two Canadian teams were admitted to the league… and secondly, I heartily agree about the lack of thought put into the UK hotel choices. Leaving Bath’s Royal Crescent off the list is, in my mind, inexcusable!

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