Gotta gota Otto’s 8/10

Nougat Glace - Otto's

Otto’s, despite the Germanic sounding name is in fact a very traditional French restaurant. It is not located in the most fashionable part of London, yet that is what makes it attractive. With it’s white linen tablecloths, red velour banquette seating and various paraphernalia on the walls which include a photo of Marilyn Monroe, it all seemed rather old-fashioned or might one say “classic”. It suited one to a tee. Hurrah!

One was with Wellington Livermore (known to his friends simply as “Welly”). Service was unhurried and one noticed that most of the clientèle at lunch were of a certain maturity i.e. over 50. This is always a good sign for your dear Doctor as these “oldies” know a good restaurant when they see one. Not like those young, spoilt ragamuffins such as Mark Zuckerberg who suggests that the youth of today are so much smarter.  One looks forward to seeing him when he is 50..harrumph!

The à-la-carte menu proffers many classic French dishes, all of which sounded tempting. After some deliberation, one started with an excellent Lobster and crab ravioli in a lobster bisque sauce which was up there with the best. Then, as one’s followers will know if steak tartare is on the menu, it must be sampled. In classic tradition the tartare was mixed at table by our waiter (although the meat had already been prepared in the kitchen). It was excellent (possibly too many shallots). It was not as good one’s favourite steak tartare in London served in Daquise which still remains in the Doctor’s top ten and where the meat is chopped at the table side! Nevertheless it is highly recommended. One finished with a classic and generous portion of nougat glace surrounded by a super raspberry coulis. (Daguerreotype above).

To accompany the meal, as it was a French restaurant we drank a 2009 South African pinotage from Klippenkop. Thank heavens, wine with some age! It was very potable and good value. Then, we drank another to make sure. Then as the meal was going so spiffingly well…we indulged…ahem in yet another.. That chap Welly is a bad influence methinks. However, one thinks of one’s chums in McSpigget’s ale emporium and realises that there is a certain similarity in drinking habits! The philosophy at Otto’s is to add a reasonable mark up to each wine, which as stated on their web site means that some good value wines can be drunk at a more affordable price than might be offered in other eateries in town. Now one must let McWeedle in on this as he is partial to a good wine.

We staggered into the afternoon sunshine feeling replete and merry and wandered off to a local hostelry…one is surprised one can even remember having lunch. Mes amis, this is not a recommended drinking habit. One suggests that Scottish companions are avoided at all costs if one values one’s liver! Now let one think…amongst one’s chums there is Dalmyple…Scottish, Frobisher…oh dear…Gildersleeve (in fact Scottish….) heavens and we drink at Mc Spigget’s…Let’s hope they all vote for independence next year and return to their homeland so one can save what is left of one’s liver! Just joshing dear friends, it would be super to see our Scottish chums staying closely affiliated with us. Let us Brits stick together..hurrah!

182 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8EW
Tel: 020 7713 0107


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  1. My dear Doctor! There I was reeling from (and I quote) “…2009… a wine with some age on it…” and realising I have far to go in my quest to raise the vinicular age of consent – when lo an behold I get a mention. Quite made my day. Now, what was that about the restaurant….

    • Alas my dear McWeedle, 2009 is age these days. Notice how many times you get offered a red from 2012! Alas one is not always able to pay top dollar when one’s Scottish friends drink in such copious amounts…

  2. And there I am flogging Xmas wraps, my lunch- a mug of tea and a stale biscuit.!

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