Who are the protagonists?

One has found that one’s chums have varying tastes. As such some eateries are more in favour with say Sir Cosmo or Fortescue than with the Inscrutable one or Guiffart. One has therefore have compiled a brief synopsis of their tastes which is found on a link above (See The Protagonists) or by clicking here.

Suffice to say that you …dear reader, may identify yourself with one or other of the Doctor’s chums and thus find restaurant choices easier to make. If one selects the category filter up there…yes up there……up there on the right!! Harrumph…. Click the drop down and one will see “style” followed by one of one’s chum’s names. By selecting this, you will see some of the places that they might favour most. Naturally all one’s chums have impeccable taste and would no doubt eat in all of one’s recommended eateries. However one has tried to be selective to bring out their true character. Naturally one is sure to hear from one’s chums if the Doctor has posted incorrectly.

One has also added an update on some of the other characters in your dear Doctor’s epicurean life which may be enlightening to one’s regular readers.

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  1. Restaurants of memory
    Cafe du Marche
    Harveys off Baker St
    Champagne and campari mixed
    Red wine maybe melbec or Cearello or chateau barrabaque

    White has to be gavi de gavi or chateau smith haut lafitte
    Dark chocolate only
    Peanut butter and red sweet onion sadwich

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