Green Jelly at The Greenhouse

Mes amis! Apologies, one has been rather remiss sharing this update with you before the yuletide celebrations. The Greenhouse restaurant has long been a favourite of your Doctor and it now has a “new” chef. (Arnaud Bignon in fact arrived about a year ago). Modern, upmarket and in Mayfair, this eatery is priced to match its locality.  One approaches the restaurant through an attractive, bedecked garden which evokes a feeling of arriving somewhere special. As we approach a young lady opened the door to greet.  As one would expect, we had all dressed up for the occasion, as had it’s clientele who proved very chic. This is not McSpigget’s bedraggled, motley crew.

French accents abounded amongst the staff, which was fortunate as Fortescue was in tow with two of the Doctor’s great friends Maximillian Vadeboncoeur and Philippe La Rochefoucauld. Both are in town as part of their annual pilgrimage to Londinium. Maximillian, a furrier par excellence is a gourmand of the highest order. This will be a test for Arnaud.

Your Doctor ordered soup and then changed his mind to the Cornish crab followed by Hen Pheasant. The amuse bouche arrived (see daguerrotype) comprising wonderful, thin tuiles accompanied by cherry tomato bombs which were stupendous and burst with flavour as they exploded in one’s mouth and the presentation was extraordinary.  One’s pre-starter stared up from it’s plate. It resembled sheep’s eyes in thick milk and mayhap someone may remember what it was, all one remembers is that it was also most tasty.

Then, deary me.  One’s first course arrived. SOUP!… one had clearly changed one’s order to the crab. Harrumph!

“I ordered the crab” one declared.
“that is the crab monsieur”  retorted the waiter in a firm manner but with a friendly smile.

One investigated. The soup plate was swimming in green……tap, tap… jelly..which lay atop oodles of crab which lurked beneath. How clever! How surprising!! How delicious!!! It was topped with cauliflower foam/puree which was light and tasty. Your doctor was in ecstasy, it was all simply delightful. One’s hen pheasant  arrived superbly presented. Mini “windmills” had been formed from the Jerusalem artichokes and truffle. They were so attractive one hardly dared eat them. One’s companions were equally delighted by the presentation of their own meals. Fortescue had chosen the lamb. Two long slices of lamb arrived beside a long oblong “log” of aubergine and onion topped with sesame seeds. It was not a large portion which of course would always disappoint dear Fortescue who has a hearty appetite but he nevertheless was impressed by the flavour.

There was no dessert for the party. We had all consumed copious quantities of smoked salmon squares and French sausage prior to our arrival as we had been entertained by our French gastronomes.

Coffee was accompanied by some beautifully presented petit fours. We paid the large bill and were contented. Arnaud is to be congratulated as a master of his profession. Such creativity and flair in the presentation of the dishes left your doctor breathless. As on can see from the daguerrotype’s above one could believe the food was modelled on a painting by Miro himself. This eater is chic, slick and the staff are attentive, professional and friendly. Your doctor is impressed. Into the TOP 10 it goes!

27A Hay’s Mews,
W1J 5NY,
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 20 7499 3331

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  1. we never got round to going back for the full hog: thanks for reminding us we should 🙂

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