Up the back passage

Up a back passage in one of the classier parts of London,  just off St. James’s is a well concealed entrance to Davey’s Wine Bar. One of a London chain of wine bars with a traditional style all their own. Some halfwits might say it is old-fashioned but your Doctor feels the large, cavernous downstairs bar evokes the traditions of a true British wine bar. “Hurrah!” I say, for this is a rather fine establishment.

Should one wish for beer,  “Old Wallop” is served in pewter tankards which harks back to a bygone era. Standing amidst the vault like and cavernous alcoves, one feels like throwing  sawdust on the floor to complete the effect. This is a meeting place for the cognoscenti of London. No tourists here; just businessmen with good taste. Like your dear Doctor!

One personally plumped for a fine glass of Rioja. (yes, one knows that is not French! hurrumph!) and a chicken and apple sandwich. Perfection. This is a sandwich mix to tell cook about.

Ensconced in an alcove, the peace and tranquility was welcoming until disturbed by some noisy consultants worried about how to bill their clients.. One really must bring Fortescue next time as this is right up his alley. Must get him before the glorious 12th which is fast approaching or he will be orf! Alas, one’s short sojourn over, your dear Doctor, having lunched alone wended his way into the streets of olde London towne awaiting the next downpour.

Hush now. Don’t tell…a soul!

Davey’s Wine Bar – St. James’s

Crown Passage,
Pall Mall

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2 replies

  1. Just the sort of place I’m looking for – thank you Dr Lunch!!

  2. You are most welcome Godfrey. One aims to please. One recommends the Rioja.

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