The Inscrutable One – High Class Japanese and Asian

One’s very dear and very healthy eating Japanese chum. He likes classy establishments. Drinks Chablis or Nuits St. George. His taste is impeccable. He dines at the very best Japanese establishments and Michelin star restaurants. If he says the fish is good, the chef should get on his knees and kiss one’s chums feet.

Main Food Choices – Fish, fish, fish, fish and…..fresh vegetables, salad and Okra when eating Indian. CHABLIS!

Favourite Restaurants

  • Shiori – very small, classy Japanese restaurant near Bayswater with a limited number of covers. Fabulous food presented to perfection.
  • Ikeda – top quality Japanese restaurant in Mayfair. Take your mortgage with you.
  • Amaya – Trendy, Michelin-starred Indian restaurant in classy Belgravia near Hyde Park Corner. Not cheap but well worth a visit.

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