France!!  This is the playground of Bacchus himself mes amis. One’s tastebuds tingle at the though of a good claret, a fine Burgundy or a spicy Rhone wine. Nothing compliments a good fillet steak like a good French red and nothing compliments one’s Dover sole (from Green’s or Wilton’s) like a lovely dry white from Burgundy, the Loire or Bordeaux.


Chateau Coutet 2005  – St Emillion9/10 – Jammy, dark chocolate, ripe and fresh fruit character on the nose. Full-bodied and right up the Doctor’s alleyway.  To be drunk with one’s chums with a succulent fillet of beef.

Ch.Treviac 2009 – 7/10 Full bodied Bordeaux wine drunk by your dear Doctor in Cote Restaurant. Always reliable even if it will never be up there with the best.


Chambolle Musigny 2007 – Joseph Drouhin9/10 – A fruit-filled mouthful of delight. This has raspberries aplenty and delights the palate with food or on it’s own. But be warned this is not for those without deepest pockets.


Chardonnay d’ Ardeche – Louis Latour 8/10 –  A veritable joy to drink. Creamy, yet with a citrus flavour to cut through and deliver a wonderfully balanced wine.

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