Ho ho ho!

Well actually mes amis, it is not Christmas and Santa is not on his way to drop presents down your chimney. Although one does understand that in Northern parts of the United States it has been Xmas for an extended… Read More ›

ABC Kitchen – 7/10

Two distinguished looking gentlemen tumbled into the trendy ABC Kitchen clutching their petite, faux-leopardskin umbrellas. No one took a blind bit of notice, this was New York after all. Drenched from head to toe by the ravages of a New York downpour… Read More ›

Budapest treat – Costes 10/10

Budapest would not necessarily be one’s first place to seek a fine dining experience. When Hungarian food is mentioned one thinks of goulash, salami, paprika and foie gras.  Naturally,  Hungarian food can be extremely tasty as cook would testify. She is half Hungarian herself and knows… Read More ›