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Opera & Food

Dear readers, this is difficult. A confession. After which one may question your Doctor’s fine taste. Judge me as you wish. One has been to the opera. Sadly, not the Royal Opera House, nay not not even the ENO but an eatery festooned with twirling, opera singing waiters… Read More ›


In one’s distant school days one learnt the odd smattering of French and a particular phrase which became etched in one’s mind was “zut alors!”. One is now given to understand that this expression means “damn!” although at the time… Read More ›

Ensnared by a chain

As one knows your Doctor is ever impressed by these foreign Johnnies who can really astound one with their culinary expertise. Should one find oneself in Parsons Green one might chance upon Cote, another branch of the French bistro chain… Read More ›

Squids in

“One simply must eat the squid” effused Pettigrew, “it’s excellent and it’s not that calamari rubbish”. When it comes to food, Pettigrew is an expert. He boasts a stomach to prove it! As you know dear readers, the enticement of… Read More ›

Inn the Village

Another jaunt into the English countryside with one’s old Scottish chum Dalyrample. One visited The Village Gate just outside the attractive town of Wendover in Buckinghamshire. A short carriage ride from the bustle of Londinium.  The greenery of the English countryside… Read More ›