Le Gavroche – Best in London! – 10/10 – ££££

If you live in or are visiting London and are in need of an epicurean experience then look no further. Le Gavroche, a two Michelin star, French restaurant based in Mayfair is perfection itself. It remains firmly at the top of your Doctor’s top 10 restaurants in London. This gastronomic heaven has been in existence since being set up by Michel and Albert Roux in 1967 and it still maintains the same high standards of service and food that existed at its inception. The recipes have changed and Albert’s son, Michel is now in charge but the ethos is still high class and high quality. One’s regular readers will know that a fabulous value lunch that can be obtained here for £54 which includes three courses, amuse bouches, half a bottle of wine, half a bottle of mineral water, coffee and petit fours. Do not book lunch if you are in a hurry, this is El classico business style timing of old.

Now it just so happens that Fortescue decided to splurge on dinner and invited your Doctor a number of friends. One will not bore you with the names of the assembled dignitaries. Suffice to say that it was a jolly convivial atmosphere and the meal exceeded expectations. One started with pig’s cheeks which were tender and full of flavour followed by …grouse..something that one has not often eaten. It was cooked rare (as it should be) and was the best I had ever had. Hurrah for the chef and Michel Roux. Finally, there is only one choice for dessert and that is go for the fabulous cheese board crammed full of some of the most wonderful cheeses that would make Monsieur Marcel in his shop squeal with delight. What a feast!

As is quite common, Michel himself (who is nearly always there) came over for a brief chat and just as he was turning to leave announced a surprise course, the Suissesse souffle which we had between starter and main courses. This is a signature dish of Le Gavroche and it was still wonderful. Now this generosity did not sway one’s views but just to let you know that Michel is not only a brilliant chef, restaurateur and TV personality but he is also a jolly decent chap. Emmanuel (Manager) and David (Sommelier) are damn fine fellows too as you will see in the video below.  Now one will not ramble on. Le Gavroche deserves to remain number one on your Doctor’s list of top London restaurants. And don’t go saying that French food has too much heavy sauce…Michel has updated all recipes with a lighter, more modern twist and if you want a smaller splurge then go for the set lunch. £54 sounds expensive but it will knock your socks off… and please mes amis, make an effort to dress up to make it special. Jeans and sneakers are for McDonalds…harrumph!

Le Gavroche
43 Upper Brook Street
London, W1K 7QR

Tel: +44 20 7408 0881
Web: www.le-gavroche.co.uk

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  1. This, and the Goring, are at the top of our wish list for our next visit!

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